Thursday, September 5, 2013

Still Teaching From Home...

So its been over 23 years since I started this venture.  I do say I started teaching from birth since we as parents do this.  Most parents will read to infants, sing to them, play with them, introduce them to an array of stimulants. Then we move on to teaching them how to formulate sounds, words, and sentences.  We teach them colours, shapes, animals, etc.  So why do we turn over their lessons to another human being believing we are not capable of teaching them once they reach the age of 5?  When do we start thinking we are inadequate? Why does the institution we call school make us believe we are such?

I believe in child led learning.  I do believe that children are very good at figuring things out on their own with minimal guidance from adults. They have an insatiable curiosity.  How many "why's" have we answered?

My son Rhett decided he wanted to run a lemonade stand in front of our house.  He made very little money during the summer.  Once school started, his profits jumped.  This was because the school kids would go off campus for lunch  or just to wander around and they would buy from him.  The principal from the school comes over and asks why my son is not in school.  So he explains to the principal that he is homeschooled.  A week later a police officer stops by and asks the same question.  Again Rhett tells him he is homeschooled. My older son Dustin goes out there just in case Rhett needs help. 
So I get a phone call while at work, telling me the police stopped by.  I told him to add to Rhett's "Leomonade for Sale" sign to put:  I am homeschooled and this is my economics class.  Please contribute to my education by buying from me.
I'm hoping it will bring even more business to him. 

I have faith that my children are learning and having fun with it.  I would hate to think that their learning process could be stifled in a more structured setting.  I want them to love learning for the rest of their lives, not because they have to, but because they never lose their insatiable curiosity.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LOL Chemistry

Ha ha!  I know most have heard this one...

So two chemistry students walk into a restaurant.  The waitress approaches their table and asks them what would they like to drink.  One says, "I would like some H2O." They all chuckle and the next one says, "I would like some H2O too."  The waitress brings out the drinks and the second student takes a swig and drops down dead. 

Ok.  So I am taking chemistry courses through MIT.  Time to rattle whats upstairs.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Its been awhile...

It is not conducive to creativity to be without internet.  Being without it for 2 years has been an ordeal to say the least. 
To catch up on things...
The boys and I are back in Colorado and have been for 2 years.
I am still spinning wool and other fibers I can get my hands on.
I am now employed as a Federal agent.  Not glorious by any means, but its a foot in the door.  I'd still rather be home full time, but some things are not meant to be.

I am still very much missing my mother.  Friday was the four year mark.  It doesn't really seem to be any easier with the passing of time.  There is still a hole in my heart and a tear in my eye always it seems.

Well, this post is short.  I have to get up early for work so its goodnight world.  I will be more eloquent another time.

Oyasami nasai!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A thanks to an inconsiderate pet owner and a goodbye to a dear friend.

I'd like to thank the inconsiderate pet owner who almost two year ago abandoned their beautiful cat.

One summer night while I was sitting in my living room I noticed a long haired Siamese sitting on our window sill. When I went out to see it, it jumped off and ran away.
Two evenings later, Dusty was riding his bike around the neighbourhood and Rhett and I were playing outside. Dusty comes riding up with the same cat following him. Kitty was very friendly and came rubbing up against us. She was thin and filthy. We took her in and gave her a bath thinking we'd find out who owned her. No one claimed to have "lost" her over the next few days so we named her Tao and she became a part of our family.
She was a total character. She didn't want us to sleep and meowed incessantly. She demanded that her food bowl be filled even if there was food already in there. She didn't like to be left alone and would bug you till you pet her. She slept in the most peculiar places, usually somewhere in our way like kitchen chairs, on the couch or on top of my wool. She was a good mouser and gave us the "entertainment" of watching her catch mice that happened to wander into the house. She was patient, loving and had this wise look in her face.

I'd like to thank you inconsiderate pet owner for if you had been responsible you would have taken her to the humane society or the pound and we wouldn't have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the past two years with this beautiful cat. She took her last breath in my arms last night.

And thank you Tao Kitty for choosing us as your family that one summer's eve. Thank you for the patience you showed Rhett when he pestered you to no end and you never bit or scratched. I am sorry that I didn't realize something was wrong three days ago when you came to me while the kids and I were playing and you just stared at me. I should have. You will be missed lovely Tao.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog tip of the day!

Stay away from playplaces of questionable establishments!

So Rhett has been fighting an illness for about 2 weeks now. And since we inhabit the same domicile...It was inevitable that I get whatever he is fighting. It is a losing battle by the way. Why my tip of the day? Because it was at a playplace about two weeks ago I am sure the little bug picked up a bug while waiting for my now soon to be ex (stbx) was getting his driver's license. After seven years he finally decides to get one. BLEH. Thorn in my side. But that is another story. I will refrain from completely annihilating him by written word. That may come later.

So, nice warming teas that will fight off infections and help with congestion:
Cinnamon ginger tea. Sounds gross right? It actually tastes really good.
Sweet Basil tea. Yummy.

Other good remedies:
Bay leaf as a poultice on the chest to relieve bronchitis and coughs. (I think I will try this one tonight.)
Black pepper (freshly ground) and honey is supposed to also relieve cough symptoms and congestion.

Well I shall go take my little sick self (mentally and physically) off to go play with the kidlet. He is begging to do some semblance of school work. And here the other day he was telling me that it is his job to play all the time and playing involved video games...all the time. See what happens when older brother takes over the games? Little brother begs for school work.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog tip of the day!

Stay off of Facebook.

Home made cleaners.

I tend to use less or non-toxic cleaners for around the house. I get migraines when I use commercial stuff with lots of fragrances so I try to make as much as I can.

One of my favourites is a something similar to softscrub. Its great for cleaning the oven or glass stove tops.
Mix 2 parts baking soda to 1 part dish liquid or Dr. Bronners soap then add a little bit of water. Mix well and let sit for a couple of minutes.

Window cleaner/household cleaner
Mix this in a large spray bottle.
Add white vinegar to fill 1/3 of the bottle, add a squirt of dish liquid, add about 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol then fill with water.

Maybe I will come up with some others later...
So here we are at the beginning of April. Even though I started several blogs in March, they never got published. Hmmm, I wonder why?

New month new projects.
Out of the 52 project challenge I completed several.
Cleaned 4 fleeces, I have 3 left to do.
Finished a pair of knitted slippers.
Have 5 skeins of handspun yarn for my stash or sale.
Washed almost all the fabric I had sitting in a tote so I can start using it to make cloth books and other things.
I am at 40/52...12 completed projects.
Its slow going.

At the moment I am also looking for a job outside of the home. The first in eight years. I usually worked from home part time as a massage therapist and herbalist. But now I need to earn money to move the boys and me back home to Colorado. Another reason my projects have been going slow.
Life gets too complicated...